I am Martin Nicolai and founder of this company. I was born in the Netherlands and 3 years ago my wife and I wanted a more relaxed life in Spain. After two years living in Bigastro we moved to San Pedro del Pinatar and we didn't regret it for a moment (except when we couldn't find a parking space near our house in August).

In September 2023 we started our new business: rental and sale of mobility scooters. I was inspired by one of my classmates who is disabled. Every day his wife takes him to the side of the road so he can have some contact with his neighbors. I thought about how captivated I must be by his disability and how great it would be for him to go to the beach once in a while.

We missed that rental service here in San Pedro and together with SALVATEC in San Javier we started this service in the most central place in San Pedro del Pinatar,. But first of all we want to give back to the people who lost their mobility a part of their freedom.
That's why we want to rent and sell safe mobility scooters and other medical equipment at fair prices. We hope that our business covers a need in San Pedro del Pinatar for both its inhabitants and tourists.

I speak Dutch, English, German and is studing Spanish

Abigail Grande Martinez is advisor mobile scooters. She has a lot of experience in mobile scooters because her husband is disables and therfeore uses one.