Conditions rental mobile scooters

 The tenant declares that they have received the object in good condition and without damage, except for those visible in the attached photographs.


  1. The renter is familiar with the use of the scooter. He will only use the SCOOTER on public roads and not on the beach, on sandy roads and in water.


  1. Our scooters are 1 or 2 person scooters (only the two-seater and therefore can only be used by 1 or 2 people. No passengers other than seats are allowed.


  1. Owner can ask the renter to pay a deposit. This deposit can be paid in cash or by creditcard. The deposit is:


     - Small scooter                             €    75

     - Middle sized scooter                €  100

     - Large scooter                             €  125

     - Biplaza                                        €   150


The owner pays the deposit back after returning the scooter and all accesoires that are rented. The owner can withhold a reasonible amount for amongst others:


  • Damages to the scooter not due to normal use of the scooter
  • Lost or damaged accessoires
  • Bringing the scooter in too late


  1. The rented scooter may only be used by the contracting party to this contract.


  1. The renter will lock the scooter in case of absence and store it in a locked room or space at night.


  1. The renter is responsible for any damage suffered by the scooter and caused to third parties by him.


  1. The renter receives 1 scooter key, 1 lock key and a suitable charger. The costs of replacing keys, charger or mobility scooter will be borne by the lessee. The owner provides a solid lock to prevent theft.


  1. If a theft occurs, the renter must return the scooterkey and the key to the lock. If the tenant is unable to return these keys to the owner, the tenant you must pay the value of the scooter to the owner. The value of the scooter is set at 1,250 euros for a small scooter, 1,750 for a medium scooter and 2,500 euros for a scooter two-seater excluding VAT.


  1. The renter declares to have private insurance against third party claims valid in Spain. Plaza Movilidad is not responsible for damages to people or their belongings.


  1. The renter immediately communicates any defect to the owner.


  1. The renter may not sublease, assign or otherwise allow the use of the rented scooter.


  1. The owner is not responsible for the consequences of (in)visible defects of the rented scooter.


  1. The renter will indemnify the owner against all third-party claims for damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of the rented scooter and its add-ons.


  1. The renter charges the batteries following the instructions manual: “how to charge the battery of your scooter”.


The owner                                                                                                     The renter