If you are going to invest a few thousand euros in a mobility scooter, you want to be reasonably sure that you buy the scooter that fits your needs. The only way to be  sure is to  a make a tesdrive and use the scooter for a day..   

At PLAZA MOVILIDAD you can get your scooter in any color you like!

Plaza de la Movilidad offers you 3 basic colors:  Platina, Azul and Rojo oscura. But  personalizing is hot. Even older people like to individualise their scooter with a remarkable color.

Thats why we offer you the possibility to have your scooter wrapped in the color and design you like. Wrapping offers you, besides a unique color, protection of the original paint and easy repair when your scooter is damaged.

A wrap normally lasts 5 years. If you peel it off, the orignal paint of your scooter appears and your scooter wiil be as new!


Do you have a specific idea for your scooter? Or you simply don't know how to give your vehicle a remarkable design, or how to add advertising to it. Our graphic designers will propose new and effective ideas for the wrapping of your car, motorcycle, boat, etc. Just tell us what type of design you want, racing, rally, tuning or advertising designs so we can offer you what you are looking for. Or present us your sketch so that we can adapt the design to your vehicle.

We will be waiting for your proposal to imagine together the final result of the new design you were looking for.


According to new legal requirements, car manufacturers are obliged to use water-based paints to better preserve the environment. These paints are less resistant to scratches or impacts on the surface. The use of wrapping sheets offers extra protection to the paint of your vehicle, and therefore to its value.

The use of wrapping sheets is the extra layer of protection that offers us:


Quick installation: We will protect the paint of your vehicle with a layer of sheets in record time. Forget about drying, second coats of paint, etc…


Durability: The paint will retain its natural shine and will be protected against external influences such as UV rays or salinity in coastal areas


Easy to clean: It is as easy to clean as the paint on a vehicle.
Protection against scratches: The sheets protect the paint from possible scratches, chips in the paint from stones or gravel on the road, etc...


Easy repair: If a sheet is damaged, it is quick and economical to replace, we will not have to paint the entire vehicle.
In addition, we will better maintain the value of the vehicle by not having to touch its original paint.

The price of wrapping depends on the size of your scooter:


- 1 seat scooter                  125 €

- Limo                                  225 €

These prices are excluding IVA.