Plaza de la Movilidad Mar Menor offers you a wide range of mobility scooters to rent. We have small scooters for in house and outside use, Middle sized scooters for outside with a range of about 40 km and we have our Harley: a scooter with two luxury seats.

Some of our scooters are detachable. You can easily put them in a midsized car and go for a walk and ride in one of the beautifull cities in our region. You can rent for one day, a midweek, weekend or week. But in the end we are sure you will use our scooters during your entire holiday or recovery

Vermeiren Carpo 1

Detachable Azul Agua

Vermeiren  Flamenco

Azul Aqua

5036-Las Salinas

Azul Aqua

NicoMobility 9055 BiPlaza

2-seater Azul Agua

Vermeiren Limo

2-seater Pink Flamengo

NicoMobility 270-E

Small Scooter Azul Aqua 

NicoMobility 430-E

Midlle sized scooter Azul Agua

NicoMobility  530 Sport

Large scooter Azul agua

NicoMobility 27O-E

Small scooter Azul Agua

NicoMobility 530 Sport

Large scooter Azul Agua


Rent 4 weeks = Pay 3 weeks!!!

Specially for people who are not living permanently in the Mar  Menor-area but stay here frequently, we introduce the TARJETA PARA 4 SEMANAS. The cardholder can book a scooter during 4 weeks in two years. PRICE:  RENT 4 weeks ~ PAY 3 WEEKS. The price of the card depends on the size of the scooter. 

The Card is not valid in the period of June-Septembre. Should you be here in summer and want to rent a scooter,  you can use the card and pay an additional amount for a week depending on the size and type of the scooter. We can always make a deal that suits you.



Should you  buy a card for a small scooter but you want to have f.e. detachable  or a two-seater for a day, that is possible as long as the scooter you want is available.  You pay 5€ extra a day for every size you want a bigger scooter. So if you have a card for a small scooter and you want to discover the Mar Menor in a 2-seater, you pay 2 x € 10  a day extra. For a detachable scooter, you have to pay 10 €. This service is only available from octobre to may.