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Why Does My Electric Mobile Scooter from San Pedro del Pinatar Keep Experiencing Frequent Stops?

Published on 6 November 2023 at 06:15

Electric wheelchair rental in San Pedro del Pinatar

First of all, the location from where you buy or rent your electric wheelchair does not affect your scooter’s functionality. However, what matters is which company you have got your electric wheelchair from. Apart from the previous very obvious reason behind why your wheelchair can malfunction or experience frequent stops, there are factors such as the age of the wheelchair, usage, load put on the wheelchair, maintenance and quality of machinery that can make your electric wheelchair faulty.

Let us discuss the common causes of a malfunctioning electric wheelchair in detail. Kindly refer to the list below:

  1. Importance of Choosing the Right Store: Although the area or geographical location from where you buy your electric wheelchairs do not affect the quality of the vehicle, the brand from which you buy does. You need to find a trustworthy and renowned company to rent an electric wheelchair in San Pedro del Pinatar.  Plaza de la Movilidad based in San Pedro del Pinatar and Mar Menor area in Spain is the perfect company to find impeccable services and premium quality electric wheelchairs in this area of the country.
  2. All-Over Maintenance of the Wheelchair’s Machinery: The durability of any electronic machinery, including your electric wheelchair. If you clean and service your electric wheelchair every now and then, while maintaining a healthy cleaning routine for the wheelchair, your wheelchair is bound to function for a long period. If not maintained, serviced and cleaned properly, the surface and interiors of it will become covered   with dirt, grease or oil, and moisture. If these things enter a scooter,  it can greatly damage the functionality and mechanism of the electric wheelchair and all the different parts that it contains. 
  3. Age of the Electric Wheelchair: Everything ages with time, even your electric wheelchair. The age of your electric wheelchair, i.e. for how long you have been using the machine determines the condition of the wheelchair to a great extent. If it has been a few years or if you have used it heavily, chances are high that the machinery has weakened and would probably need to be exchanged for  a new one. However, if you are sentimentally attached to your buddy electric wheelchair, take it to a professional mechanic first and get it checked. If its condition is repairable then well and good, however, if it’s too old, you should probably let your old buddy retire and let him rest. Find great deals and premium quality electric wheelchair rental in San Pedro del Pinatar, only at Plaza de la Movilidad based in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area in Spain.
  4. Faulty battery: Like most mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs run on batteries and need regular charging to function properly. However, this constant process of charging and using up the charge reduces the charge holding capacity of the batteries over time. After using for a few months or frequent heavy usage, the batteries become weak and cannot supply enough power for the wheelchair to function properly and consistently. This is a fairly common reason behind malfunctioning electric wheelchairs and can be solved easily with new batteries.
  5. Faulty Control Panel: The buttons that you use to drive your electric wheelchair or the control panel can be damaged due to excessive pressure, heavy usage or simply over time. A faulty control panel does not execute the commands given by you properly and therefore leads to an uncomfortable and disturbed travel experience.       
  6. Quality of Machinery: The quality of the machinery used in the electric wheelchair or the overall quality of the electric wheelchair contributes largely to how it is going to function. Using a good quality electric wheelchair is especially important since it is designed to be used by people who are physically unwell for some reason or find it challenging to walk. Thus, make sure that you buy or rent your electric wheelchair from a famous and renowned company, for example, Plaza de la Movilidad, based in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area in Spain.       

What is one of the best electric wheelchair rental services in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area in Spain?

Without an ounce of doubt, if you are looking for services for wheelchair hire in San Pedro del Pinatar, then Plaza de la Movilidad based in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area in Spain is the best company for you.

Wondering why?  

The 21st Century has plenty of so-called ‘companies’, but unfortunately, most of them are nothing but money-hungry corporate giants who care about nothing apart from profits or making money off the backs of their customers and poor employees. As customers and as kind and responsible human beings, this is something that troubles all of us. So, is there any company left that genuinely cares about what its customers want? Luckily enough for us, there is one and the answer is Plaza de la Movilidad, based in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area in Spain.


The founder of Plaza de la Movilidad, Mr. Martin Nicolai, was born in the Netherlands, but decided to move to Spain with his wife for a more relaxed and laid-back life. His company, Plaza de la Movilidad was born out of his compassion and love for one of his classmates who lost their freedom of mobility to a great extent due to some personal reason. Mr. Martin Nicolai’s friend’s wife would take him outside everyday so that her husband could socialise with the neighbours and spend some quality time with them. Mr. Nicolai was deeply moved by his friend’s situation and wanted to do something to help people like his friend gain a part of their freedom of mobility. And thus, Plaza de la Movilidad was created in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area, hand in hand with NicoMobility. Their sole motto being helping people regain a part of their freedom of mobility, that too at fair and reasonable prices. Plaza de la Movilidad’s company motto and work ethics are customer-centred. This makes them one of a kind in the industry and adds a compassionate human touch to their services.


  1. Plaza de la Movilidad stands on the pillars of humanity and a great passion for creating an inclusive and free society. Thus, not only does Plaza de la Movilidad rent and sell premium quality mobility scooters but also a large variety of medical supplies like wheelchairs, andadores and so on.
  2. You will be receiving free shipping within 24 to 48 hours on weekdays.
  3. You will be receiving personal maintenance services and kits.
  4. All the electronic vehicles offered by Plaza de la Movilidad are eco-friendly and sustainable. Thus, perfect for responsible citizens like yourself.
  5. Every scooter and medical appliances are thoroughly sanitised and disinfected before you receive your delivery. Thus, you will always be assured of receiving a clean and hygienic product.
  6. All the electronic vehicles offered for rent and sale by Plaza de la Movilidad are always brand-new. Thus, you will always get your orders in top-notch conditions, as good as new.
  7. You can order the products online and get them delivered at your doorstep or you can also visit the Plaza de la Movilidad official store. Please refer to the table below to get an idea about the store opening and closing times.
  8. Plaza de la Movilidad offers its customers the freedom of choice with many different payment options and schemes, thus making sure that the customers can enjoy a smooth rental or buying experience every time.
Monday/Lunes 10.00 14.00 10.00-12.00 09.00- 10.00
Tuesday/Martes 10.00 14.00 10.00-12.00 09.00- 10.00
Wednesday/Miercoles 10.00 14.00 10.00-12.00 09.00- 10.00
Thursday/Jueves 10.00 14.00 10.00-12.00 09.00- 10.00
Friday/Viernes 10.00 14.00 10.00-12.00/ 16.00- 18.00 09.00- 10.00
Saturday/Sabado 10.00 14.00

If you find this unbelievable, kindly refer to the table below and see for yourself.

1. January/February

One seat small 25 Euro 55 Euro 55 Euro 90 Euro
One seat middle 30 Euro 65 Euro 65 Euro 100 Euro
Two seat limo 50 Euro 90 Euro 90 Euro 140 Euro

2. June/July/August

One seat small 35 Euro 70 Euro 70 Euro 110 Euro
One seat middle 40 Euro 85 Euro 85 Euro 130 Euro
Two seat limo 60 Euro 110 Euro 110 Euro 180 Euro

3. Other Months

One seat small 30 Euro 65 Euro 65 Euro 100 Euro
One seat middle 35 Euro 75 Euro 75 Euro 110 Euro
Two seat middle 55 Euro 100 Euro 100 Euro 160 Euro
San Pedro, Lo Pagan 20 Euro
El Mojon, Santiago del Ribera 30 Euro
San Javier, Pilar de Horadada 35 Euro
La Zenia, Las Alcázares 40 Euro

P.S. These are the prices for short-term mobility scooter rentals. For more details on wheelchair rentals and long-term booking, please contact Plaza de la Movilidad directly through the website or call/message on: 

Whatsapp: +34 744 639 501

Mobile: +34 744 731 527

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