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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobility Scooter for a Day in Spain Near Me?

Published on 5 November 2023 at 10:51

hire a mobility scooter for a day near me

The cost of mobility scooter rental for a day in Spain can vary depending on the location and the type of scooter hired. However, it can become expensive if you do not know where to look. Get reasonable deals and premium services fit for esteemed customers like yourself.

Plaza de la Movilidad, located in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area in Spain, is the best place to rent a mobility scooter for a day. Get day-long mobility scooter hire options at as little as 1.50 euros per day, only at Plaza de la Movilidad in Spain.  

Mr. Martin Nicolai founded Plaza de la Movilidad in collaboration with NicoMobility in Ciudad Quesada at San Pedro del Pinatar’s most central location, the Plaza de la Constitución. If you are a local or even a tourist in Spain, you must have wondered and googled, ‘Where can I hire a mobility scooter for a day near me?’ at least once and finally, today, you have your answer. You can either visit the official website of Plaza de la Movilidad to find and book the perfect mobility scooter for yourself, or you can see the Plaza de la Movilidad store located in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor region in Spain.

Please refer to the list below for a brief overview of the models of mobility scooter rental for a day, as Plaza de la Movilidad offers in collaboration with NicoMobility. However, you can always contact the Plaza de la Movilidad team for more information and support.


  1. Nico Ibiza
  2. Nico 270 E
  3. Nico 430 E
  4. Nico 520 E
  5. Nico 7055 E
  6. Nico 7055 E Sport
  7. Nico 9055 BiPlaza
  8. Nico 9055 Al Lado

Refer to the tables below to get a clearer picture of Plaza de la Movilidad’s available options to rent a mobility scooter for a day:

1. January/February

One seat small 25 Euro 55 Euro 55 Euro 90 Euro
One seat middle 30 Euro 65 Euro 65 Euro 100 Euro
Two seat limo 50 Euro 90 Euro 90 Euro 140 Euro

2. June/July/August

One seat small 35 Euro 70 Euro 70 Euro 110 Euro
One seat middle 40 Euro 85 Euro 85 Euro 130 Euro
Two seat limo 60 Euro 110 Euro 110 Euro 180 Euro

3. Other Months

One seat small 30 Euro 65 Euro 65 Euro 100 Euro
One seat middle 35 Euro 75 Euro 75 Euro 110 Euro
Two seat middle 55 Euro 100 Euro 100 Euro 160 Euro
San Pedro, Lo Pagan 20 Euro
El Mojon, Santiago del Ribera 30 Euro
San Javier, Pilar de Horadada 35 Euro
La Zenia, Las Alcázares 40 Euro

Please Note: This list contains details regarding short-term or day-long mobility scooter hire service charges only. Contact Plaza de la Movilidad directly for detailed information on long-term mobility scooter renting charges.

Reasons Why Plaza de la Movilidad is the One-Stop Solution to Rent a Mobility Scooter for a Day:

  1. Plaza de la Movilidad values and prioritises its customers' safety and well-being more than anything else. Because of that, every mobility scooter at Plaza de la Movilidad is equipped with four wheels for maximum support and stability.
  2. All mobility scooters are powered by electricity and battery operated, thus ensuring an environmentally friendly and guilt-free travelling experience.
  3. Every scooter you receive after a day-long mobility scooter hire is new and sanitised thoroughly for a safe and hygienic experience.
  4. You do not need to pay any advanced deposit before hiring a mobility scooter. You must be at least 16 to hire a scooter and provide valid ID proof.
  5. Also, while picking up a scooter or offering your scooter for rental services, you must show a valid ID proof.
  6. The mobility scooters are excellent for use on roads and pathways. However, it is advised that one must not ride the scooters on the beach or in the water.
  7. Get a scooter rental for a day at only 1.5 euros/hour.
  8. Apart from offering mobility scooters for rent, Plaza de la Movilidad, based in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor region in Spain, also lets you rent essential medical equipment and supplies like wheelchairs and adores.
  9. Plaza de la Movilidad values quality services and inclusivity immensely. Because of that, all the mobility scooters they offer are made to cater to the needs of different people with different needs.
  10. Get assured 24 to 48-hour delivery at your doorstep. Simply book your mobility scooter online and get it delivered to any place that pleases you, such as your home, hotels or any other location.

Plaza de la Movilidad also offers 6 6-month guarantees on batteries and 2 2-year guarantees on mobility scooters.

How to choose the right scooter rental for a day according to your needs, preferences and budget:

  1. Budget: The cost to rent a mobility scooter for a day depends on the model of the scooter, renting agency and duration. Thus, choosing the right scooter for your budget is essential. If you are looking forward to saving money, go for simple and minimalist scooter models instead of the advanced high-tech ones.  
  2. Purpose: If you are a young or physically fit individual travelling alone for work or something else, lightweight and compact one-seater models would be perfect for you. However, if you are travelling in a pair or with an older person or someone who needs extra support, going for a bigger two-seater mobility scooter with ample space and a sturdy build would be the one for you. 
  3. Battery life: If you rent a mobility scooter for a day for something like an extended scooter-ride date or day-long travel and sightseeing, consider double-checking the mileage of the mobility scooter offered by its battery life. Ask your service provider or mobility scooter renting agency to suggest a mobility scooter with good battery life and mileage. 
  4. Guarantee Period: Although you probably will not need a guarantee for just one day-long mobility scooter rent, it is safe to opt for renting agencies offering a guarantee period on their scooter or battery.
  5. Features of the Mobility Scooter: Different models of mobility scooters come with different features and advantages. For example, while models are suitable for driving on rough or bumpy terrains, other models are designed for use on smoother or gentler ground. Thus, the model needs to be chosen accordingly depending on how and where you are using the mobility scooter. Simply let your service provider know your requirements and concerns, and they will suggest the best option for your needs.
  6. Special needs or Medical requirements: Plaza de la Movilidad, based in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor area of Spain, is built on compassion, humanity and an incredible passion to serve its community, especially those who have special requirements and have lost their freedom of movement to some extent. If you need such special care or have a loved one who needs it, Plaza de la Movilidad is THE place for you. Plaza de la Movilidad has an extensive and superb collection of mobility scooters perfect for those who wish to regain a part of their freedom of mobility. Their team will help you find the safest and most comfortable mobility scooter you have ever encountered. 

Benefits of Four-Wheeled Mobility Scooters over  Three-Wheeled Mobility Scooters:


  1. These scooters are an excellent choice for medium to long-distance travel.
  2. It fits anyone, especially older people or those who prefer to sit and travel on a comfortable, sturdy model.
  3. These are the best mobility scooters for reasonably rough roads and long-distance travel. Some of these can be driven on sandy paths as well.
  4. These mobility scooters are moderately lightweight and compact.
  5. It can easily be disassembled into three to five parts and stored in relatively small spaces.
  6. After disassembling. These models are moderately easy to carry
  7. It is the perfect choice for a compact scooter rental for the safest and most comfortable travelling experience, especially for travelling in pairs with the elderly and carrying slightly heavier loads.
  8. It is an eco-friendly and comfortable mode of transportation.
  9. These mobility scooters are cost-effective as they run on electricity and chargeable batteries.
  10. It is generally readily available as a lightweight foldable mobility scooter rental for day-long or more extended use.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the cost of renting a mobility scooter for one day in Spain. Apart from the cost, this article has also tried to shed light on other factors like features, benefits and a checklist for renting a mobility scooter. 


Contact Plaza de la Movilidad based in San Pedro del Pinatar and the Mar Menor region in Spain and get the best quality mobility scooters and deals for your unique requirements. Get in touch with Plaza de la Movilidad directly through their website or message/call them on the following numbers:


Whatsapp: +34 744 639 501

Mobile: +34 744 731 527


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